Disability and inclusion learning on demand

iDisability® is an enterprise-wide eLearning solution serving nearly 4 million business users. Whether your organization is just beginning its journey or ready to take the next step, iDisability® can guide your workforce in building and evolving disability inclusion success.

Companies that champion disability employment and inclusion outperform others in revenue, net income, and profit margin.

Bar chart showing 50 billion in revenue for disability champions versus 39 billion for others
Bar chart showing 5.7 billion in net income for disability champions versus 2.7 billion for others
Bar chart showing 16% economic profit margin for disability champions versus 12% for others

*Data taken from a study by Accenture

After nearly 25 years of success, we know the questions, concerns, and obstacles companies face in disability employment and engagement. iDisability® is designed to meet these challenges at every level of the workforce, from customer service to leadership.